About the Forum

International organization for materials science based on a global network of collaborative research

In June 2005, the first international meeting of directors of national materials research institutes was held at NIMS, Japan, with the participation of presidents of 15 material research institutes from 8 countries. In this meeting, the establishment of the World Materials Research Institutes Forum (WMRIF) was declared. WMRIF is an organization to develop a worldwide network of materials research institutes. To date 50 institutes from all continents are members of WMRIF. It supports innovations in the field of materials research through mutual information exchange and shared use of research facilities. Further, it serves as a forum for lively discussions on global strategies related to future materials science. From 2011 to 2015,  WMRIF  was led by the Vice President of BAM the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. Since 2015 WMRIF Presidency and Secretariat is with the NIST Material Measurement Laboratory (MML), USA.

WMRIF Regional groups

Asia-Oceania – http://www.wmrif.org