What we want

Challenges for WMRIF

We want to promote material strategies in order to address environmental and energy issues.  WMRIF is committed to accelerate the establishment of a structure to achieve these objectives based on global networking.

WMRIF has determined the following items as its main emphases:

  • Creation of a research resources map for collaborations
  • Joint creation of a technology outlook
  • Education and training for young scientists
  • Shared use of databases
  • Collaboration in research

International strategies by global research institutes for material science targeting the sustainable development of society

Increased concerns about environmental and energy issues have been shown around the world in recent years. While versatile solutions are being discussed, ecological solutions based on the development of new materials and new manufacturing engineering are attracting public attention. Giving consideration to this situation, WMRIF is accelerating its efforts to introduce a mechanism that ensures timely R & D of new materials that can be a key to establishing a sustainable society.